Camomile Wedding: Location, Decoration, Dress & Bouquet

Since ancient times, chamomile has been considered a guardian of family values and a symbol of fidelity. This flower looks very gentle and elegant. It gives any holiday a special charm. Therefore, many couples arrange their wedding in a chamomile style.
Chamomile Wedding Location

Summer is a wonderful time for a chamomile wedding. In a warm season, you can organize a celebration in the out-of-doors, setting tents and ordering a wedding ceremony. The field, dotted with daisies, will be an excellent background for a spectacular photo shoot. In the cold season, chamomile style is also suitable. It will give a feeling of spring, warmth, and joy. The hall is easy to arrange, you only need to show imagination.

Wedding Decoration

Chamomile style puts on priority positions three colors. These are white, green and yellow, as well as their soft hues and pastel tones. To create a festive atmosphere, use draperies made of lightweight fabrics. They will look beautiful around the front door, on the walls, on the windows. Tissue cuts can be used to drape the background behind the newlyweds’ table.

Clothing for the Bride and Groom

What should be the image of the bride at a chamomile wedding? Chamomile symbolizes tenderness and sincerity. Therefore, it is recommended to put the main emphasis on natural beauty. You have to give up bright makeup and use a muted palette. To decorate the hair, you can use the following things:

  • a short lush veil;
  • a wreath of wild flowers and chamomiles;
  • flower headband.

Refuse complex hair styling and loose curls; a bundle or braids will look much more appropriate. Women with short hair can make careless “disheveled” styling. The best choice for a chamomile wedding is a snow-white dress. A particularly good option is a gown with a lush skirt. The dress can be decorated with openwork lace inserts, supplemented with chamomile decor. Colored embroidery will also look great. As a wedding cape a shawl with a large openwork pattern can be used. Bridesmaids should be dressed in lemon or emerald dresses, as these tones will look gorgeous next to the bride’s snow-white outfit.

As for the groom, his suit can be either light or dark. Chamomile theme should be shown in accessories. A man can put a chamomile in the lapel of his jacket, and wear a yellow or green tie, a brace of a similar color, a breastplate with a snow-white shirt.

The Bride’s Bouquet

Not only chamomiles are suitable for a bouquet. You can add field flowers, as well as roses or orchids to the composition. Any option will look seamless.