What Can I Do If I Want to Sell Vintage Jewelry?

Well, for a start one should begin by researching every piece as this is the first and most important step when wishing to sell vintage jewelry. It’s certainly of the essence to learn something about each item, as this will help you to determine on a good selling price.

Also, cleaning the jewelry will help to make the best features of each piece stand out. And you will also need a good enough camera for taking quality photographs so as anyone who is looking at buying, will be able to inspect the jewelry in good detail. If you’re in a hurry to sell, then your best bet is at a local dealer, but don’t expect to get too much cash and a good return for your jewelry.

Take Time and Research

Try spending some time doing research on each item. Also:

  • This may at first seem difficult, but you may see a mark or a signature on the jewelry, then look up the designer whom it represents.
  • This will assist you in finding out about the designer, how rare each item is, and how old it is.
  • Look through any websites that displays the designer’s work, then look for the ones that you have to find out more about them.
  • If you were looking to sell a Rolex watch, the name is already there for the world to see, so make sure to inspect each piece for some identification.

Clean it up and Take Quality Photographs

Never look at trying to sell classical jewelry that hasn’t been cleaned up, because it means less work that any dealer will have to do and the much more impressive any pieces will look. This also equals the possibility of a little more extra money it could mean in your pocket. Make sure before attempting any cleaning that you know how to do it properly and you will be able to find fee information easily online with a few clicks of your mouse.

Taking some photographs is obviously going to be required for anyone who is hoping to sell vintage jewelry via the Internet. Photographing the jewelry with a good camera on high resolution using a white or black background will help to showcase the colours and the design of the pieces. Take close up photos of detailed features as well as any flaws, and if you can, take photographs of somebody wearing each item of jewelry.

Check Reviews

Check out any website’s reputation and see what other customers have said about them and their service. Try putting their name in a search engine with the word “review” afterwards and see what comes up. After selecting a couple of promising customers, contact them and let them know what price you would like for the items and send them photographs if required.

Even though the objective is to sell your vintage jewelry, it will not mean that you must take the first offer.