Some Men Have a Clothes Crush on Celebrities

This is the age of celebrity crushes. Celebrities are everywhere. They are on TV and in the movies. They rock the radio world, and they are the sports Titan’s men dream about. Some men want to be just like them. They want to act like them, dress like them, and yes, even marry them. That may sound a little over the top but think about it. Celebrity fashion plays a major role in menswear, these days. Football and basketball heroes set the trend in sportswear, and movie stars show men how to dress for work and to party. Not all Millennial men have a sense of style, so they emulate their favorite celebrity’s style. They rock outfits that a box office star rocks. These men don’t follow fashion trends. They follow the style trends of the guys they look up to in one way or another.

Men want to emulate a Kanye West or a Daniel Craig, and they want to identify with them by wearing clothes they wear. They may not be able to afford the labels, celebrities wear, but there are always knock-offs around that give men the look they are after. Some men like the realness celebrities express through their clothing choices. Other men just need help dressing for work or a special occasion. This fascination with dressing like celebrities has given the menswear industry a chance to shine. The womenswear industry has always been the breadwinner in the clothing business. Women are not afraid to spend big bucks when it comes to fashion looks that send them into an “I got to have it” mentality. But the menswear business is waking up, and men are opening their wallets, and they are dressing using that same mentality.

The old theory that men don’t care how they look is out. Men are spending a lot of money to dress like Obama, Bieber, Adam Levine, and yes, even Blake Shelton. Millennials are into clothing like the men who ran liquor during prohibition. Those men knew how to dress for success when they went into a speakeasy. Millennials know how to dress to be themselves and somebody else at the same time. And the interesting statistic is the menswear industry is growing faster than womenswear. Men’s clothing sales were up by more than 13 percent in 2015. Womenswear was only up nine percent. And by 2020 annual menswear sales will hit more than $455 billion, and womenswear sales will hover around $700 billion worldwide.

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