A Summer Gift Guide to Finding the Perfect Present

Memorable summers often involve attending a few major social gatherings. These events sometimes include baby showers, birthday parties, barbecues, and festivals. Not all events require attendees to bring gifts. However, for those that do, you might find yourself stressing about the perfect present. Worry no more: We have composed a list of a few must-have summer gifts that everyone will want.

For Adults:

A New Camera: The heat makes summer the perfect time to explore nature and capture its beauty on film. Gift your favorite photographer with a new premium camera. For a hint of nostalgia, search Amazon and eBay for Polaroid instant picture cameras. For more sophisticated photographers, invest in a Nikon, Canon, or a GoPro.

Tickets: The summer is known for being the perfect season for major outdoor events, like concerts and parties. Grab tickets to the hottest concerts, festivals, or broadway shows. Use discount sites such as GoldStar and SeatGeek to purchase cheap tickets to any event.

Grill: Most summer events happen around a grill. Buy your favorite cook a nice outdoor cooking device, one that keeps everyone fed and happy. For extreme brownie points, give the grill with some premium grade meats to cook on it. Omaha Steaks should be one of your first choices for quality, juicy meat.

Beach Gear: Buy your friend a nice beach bag that includes a towel, book or eReader, sunscreen, and a nice pair of sunglasses. Most of the items in the bag will be inexpensive, so splurge a little on the sunglasses by buying ones that cost more than $10.

Summer Kitchen Tools: Give your friend a nice pitcher to make lemonade or fruit based cocktails. Find an ice cream maker to help your friend stay cool with a delicious treat. Buy a new blender that allows her to make delicious smoothies all summer.

Games: You are never too old to enjoy a board game. Buy a couple ones that will encourage your friends to host game nights. Buy a mixture of trivia, dare, and team oriented board and card games.

CityPASS: The CityPASS grants users access to many major landmarks in big cities around Canada and the United States. By buying these passes for your friends, they’ll be able to enjoy the major tourist places in their favorite cities. Save a little on a CityPASS by using coupons before finalizing your order.

For Kids:

Water Based Toys: Water guns bring out the combative side to any child. It’ll keep them cool and entertained for hours. Water slides will get all the neighborhood children in the backyard, slipping and sliding around all summer.

Lemonade Stand: Teach a child the importance of earning an honest dollar by buying or helping them create their own lemonade stand. They can sell lemonade around the neighborhood to start saving for college, or at least a new toy.

Walkie Talkie: Children will have fun all summer pretending to be spies as they watch the adults. Let them enjoy a walkie talkie set before they become jaded, and only want to use an iPhone.

Sandcastle Maker: Likely, most of a child’s summer will be spent at the beach. Help them make the sandcastle building process easier by getting them a sandcastle building set.

Bubble Set: Children love blowing bubbles, so why not take their love of bubbles to the next level with a huge bubble set.